Midnight Sun Tour

Come and experience one of the unique benefits of life in the last frontier, extra hours of daylight! While others are tucking themselves in for the night, you will be out enjoying the sunshine in the Alaska wilderness!  This tour is run May 7-August 18, 2018.

The Midnight Sun Tour leaves the front entrance of Pioneer Park at 6:15 PM. Please arrive no later than 6:10 PM. We plan on being back in town around 11:30 PM. This ride is suitable for adventurous people new to ATVing as well as experienced drivers. Drivers must be 16 or older with a valid driver’s license. Complimentary snack and drinks will be provided. If you have specific needs for snacks or drink, please feel free to bring them. Non-alcoholic drinks ONLY. Drinks must be in a plastic container. NO GLASS BOTTLES.

The tour will meet at the front entrance of Pioneer Park off of Airport Way. We will drive 18 scenic miles north of Fairbanks. You will ride in our shuttle bus to the trail head to start your adventure. The guides will be pointing out sights along the way, discussing the history of Alaska and looking for wildlife. At the trail head you will get your ATV, safety will be discussed with your guides and you’ll have the opportunity to practice driving before we hit the trail. Helmets, gloves and goggles will be provided.  All our machines are equipped with power steering and automatic transmissions for an enjoyable ride!

We will be riding on a winding trail through the boreal forest for a total of 32 miles. The trail crosses prospector routes, climbing hills and switch backs along the way. The trail leads to a scenic overlook where the provided snacks and drinks can be enjoyed while watching the sun on its way down.  When the tour is over, we will load up and head back to town. Please allocate about 5 hours for the trip.

Here are key dates for when sunset occurs:

  •  May 20: 11:24 PM   Scheduled opening day
  • May 31: 11:59 PM
  • June 21: 12:47 AM    Summer Solstice
  • June 30: 12:40 AM  
  • July 30: 11:07 PM
  • August 31: 9:14 PM
  • September 16: 8:08 PM   Scheduled last day of the season

Starting  August 18th this becomes the Fall Mid-Day Tour which runs at a different time to accommodate our diminishing daylight.


Tour Prices

Driver $190.00

Passenger $90.00