Frequently Asked Questions

Will we see the sunset on the evening tour?

Alaska is referred to the land of the Midnight Sun due to the length of the summer days. In June the sun sets after midnight and in July, the sun sets ater 11:00PM. Customers in these months will not see the sunset. In August, as the days shorten, some customers will see the sunset.

Will we see animals on the trail?

Because the trail is narrow and heavily wooded, the sounds of the ATV’s will normally keep the animals away.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Water and snacks are provided, but you may certainly bring your own. The drinks have to be non-alcoholic and in a plastic bottle.

Can the driver and passenger switch positions during the tour?

Yes, as long as each person has a valid drivers license, are at least 16 years old, and are comfortable driving an ATV.

Are there restrooms along the trail?

There are no restrooms on the trail itself. We will make a restroom stop right before the trailhead and stop there again on the way back to town. Toilet paper is provided in each person’s snack pack in case guests need a bathroom break on the trail.

Should I bring a backback to carry my gear?

Guests are welcome to bring backpacks, but all the ATV’s have storage compartments on them.

How difficult will the driving be for the first time ATV driver?

The trail is relatively easy to navigate and the ATV’s are equipped with power steering and automatic transmissions. Guides set a comfortable pace while monitoring each drivers abilities.